Special Permits

Club​​ Permit application

A special permit (Club Permit) authorises the sale of liquor on the premises of a sporting club for a period up to 15 hours per week. Club permits are issued for the sale of liquor where the primary purpose is related to the sporting activities of the Club. Applications should be submitted at least 28 days prior to the date you wish to start selling liquor.

Application forms

If your club has previously held a club permit and wishes to re-apply for another permit, please complete the following application form -​

  Club Permit application form (re-application)   (344Kb)

If your club has not previously held a club permit and wishes to do so, please complete the following application form -

  Club Permit application form (no previous permit)    (353Kb)

  Club Permit - Operating Conditions   (113Kb)​

COVID public health requirements for all public events

Requirements apply for the organisers of all public events in Tasmania to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading at an event. You can review the requirements in detail and access form templates at Business Tasmania.​​

All public events in Tasmania are required to have an Events COVID-19 Safety Plan in place.

Depending on the size and type of event, organisers may be required to submit an application and Events COVID-19 Safety Plan to Business Tasmania for assessment and potential approval by the Director of Public Health.

It is not intended that this applies to private gatherings (eg birthday parties and weddings) or organised gatherings (eg regular club meetings).

If you require more information or help to meet the requirements, please contact Business Tasmania by email ​or on 1800 440 026.

Organisers of one-off public events involving the sale and consumption of liquor, should follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Business Tasmania website to determine your event level. The levels relate to the risk associated with activities if a person with coronavirus attends the event. For example, large events with people mixing and moving freely would be high risk.
  2. Apply to us for a liquor permit (all levels).
Levels 2 and 3 - Apply to us for a liquor permit before you apply through Business Tasmania. Please have your application to us five weeks before your intended event. This allows 21 days for assessment of the COVID risk through Business Tasmania once the liquor permit has been granted.​
​Level 1Levels 2 and 3

​3.  Complete an Events COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Use the template and download it to your computer.

Once you are granted a liquor permit and have completed a Plan, your event can go ahead. You do not need to register your event with Business Tasmania or apply to hold it.

Implement the public health measures at the event and have a copy of your Plan available for inspection.

Comply with the conditions of your liquor permit.

3.   Complete an Events COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Work on your Plan over time while you are waiting for your liquor permit to be granted. 

You may download the template to your computer. 
Use the template in the registration portal (see Step 4 below).

4.   Register online to submit your application and your Events COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Register your event.

Start your Plan through the registration portal.

5.   When your liquor permit is granted, submit your Events COVID-19 Safety Plan for assessment through Business Tasmania.

Level 2 event organisers must wait for advice that an event may proceed.

Level 3 event organisers require pre‑approval from the Director of Public Health before an event may proceed.

The application process may take up to 21 days.​

​​​​​T​​ypes of Special Permits

There are four types of special permit based on the amount of time a permit is required:

  • less than four days;
  • four to thirty days;
  • six months; and
  • twelve months.

A special permit can only be held by a person who is at least 18 years old. The ​​​permit is issued to the person who applies on behalf of an association, society, organisation, club or other bona fide body running the event or function.

A special permit authorises the sale of liquor on premises where there is no existing authority. The Commissioner for Licensing may grant a permit if satisfied that the principal purpose of the function is not the sale or consumption of liquor and that this is incidental to the event, and if satisfied that it is reasonable to grant the permit.

A special permit does not authorise liquor to be sold on premises if the use of those premises for that purpose is otherwise unlawful.

If liquor is being provided by way of an entry fee into a function, a cost per glass or pre-sold tickets then it is considered that liquor is being sold and a special permit will need to be obtained. A special permit is not required for private functions such as weddings or birthdays where the liquor is provided by the host at his/her own expense. If a function is "BYO only" generally a liquor permit is not required.

Special Permit less tha​n four days​

ONLINE APPLICATION for a Special Permit for less than 4 days

Special Permit application (4-30 days/6​ months/12 months)​ ​

  Special Permit application   (150Kb)

Liquor Permit​​s supporting information​​

  Special Liquor Permit Information   (90Kb)