Resources for Licence Holders

Find out about the requirements for signage designed to help staff and patrons where liquor is sold, or download the signs for printing.

Responsible Service of Alcohol
Ensure that you understand your responsibilities to your patrons. This information may also be important if you are a registered training organisation. 

Notifying the Commissioner of Certain Matters

Section 49 Notice
This notice requires that a liquor licensee or permit holder must notify the Commissioner in writing of a number of changes affecting the licensee or associate within 14 days.​

Self-assessment checklist
A do-it-yourself checklist for licensees to help ensure you are meeting the regulatory requirements.


Find out about the penalties which apply under the Liquor Licensing Act 1990.

Interim Authorities and Absentee Licensees​​
An interim authority to act as licensee authorises a person to act as licensee where the current licensee is unable or unwilling to exercise the authority of the licence.

Transferring a Liquor Licence​​
A licence holder may transfer their licence to another person once approved by the Commissioner for Licensing. 

Out-of-Hours, On or Off Permits​​
Licence holders can apply to continue serving liquor after midnight using an Out-of-hours Permit, or to sell liquor for consumption on or off the premises where doing so is not already authorised under the licence.

Technical standards for licensed premises and hints for licensees.


Barring Ord​​ers​​​​​

Section 81 of the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 allows staff at a premises with a liquor licence or permit to bar individuals from the premises on a number of grounds.
  Barring order form for licensees and permit holders

Selling and Serving by Staff Under 16 Years​​​​

Regulation 9(1)(b) of the Liquor Licensing Regulations 2016 provides for individuals under the age of 16 to sell and serve liquor in certain circumstances, where approved by the Commissioner for Licensing. ​

  Employing a person under 16 to sell or serve liquor application form​​​