Wholesale Liquor Sales Data

Tasmanian liquor licence holders who are wholesalers or producers must report wholesale liquor sales data for each financial year to the Liquor and Gaming Branch.

An exemption applies for small businesses.

Review the Ministerial Notice under section 222​​B of the Liquor Licensing Ac​t 1990

Check the Q&As in our fact sheet to find out more and to help make the reporting process go smoothly. 


You are exempt from submitting data if your total sales volume in a financial year was below all of the following thresholds:

  • spirits 8 750 litres
  • wine 28 500 litres
  • beer 100 000 litres
  • cider 100 000 litres
Exempt licensees should follow these steps:
  1. Determine that you are exempt.
  2. Complete ​this online form (once only, not every year). It should only take a few minutes and must be done in one session. 
  3. You do not need to do anything further, unless in a future year your total sales volume increases to above one (or more) of the thresholds. You must then submit data.​

Submitting da​ta

You can only submit data using our CSV template. Review this fact sheet for detailed information about how to fill in the CSV template and consider our tips for licensees below. 

Follow these steps to report:

  1. Prepare a CSV file containing your data:
    • Download this CSV template to your computer​.
    • Enter your data to the CSV file on your computer. Use the correct Tasmanian liquor licence numbers for the people you sold liquor to. Check here as licence numbers can change.
    • Save your work.
  2. Fill in this online form and upload the CSV file from your computer (follow the prompts when completing the form). Be prepared to do this in one session as the form cannot be saved.​

Tips for licens​​ees

  • Report your sales to other Tasmanian liquor licence holders only. Do not include retail sales, sales to liquor permit holders or sales interstate or overseas.
  • Provide combined totals for the value and volume of liquor (by type) to each licence holder (not individual transactions).
  • Report online, ideally before 31 December 2020. However, if this not possible, we will accept returns throughout January 2021.
  • If you did not hold the licence for the full year (eg the licence was transferred or surrendered), please report based on the data you do have (this may mean you are exempt).
  • If you have not collected volume data, please estimate this based on your turnover (again, this may mean you are exempt).​
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