Wholesale Liquor Sales Data

​​​​Tasmanian liquor licence holders must report wholesale liquor sales data for each financial year to the Liquor and Gaming Branch. This includes producers, wholesalers, distributors and online sellers.
This requirement does not include retail sales to the public, only wholesale sales to other liquor licence holders in Tasmania.​​​

If you operate a small business then you are likely to be exempt from reporting if your total sales volume in a financial year is below the small business thresholds (see below).

If you are a producer, wholesaler, distributor or online seller, but have not received a letter from the Liquor and Gaming Branch, please contact us by:
Telephone (03) 6166 4040 (Hobart) or (03) 6777 2777 (Launceston); or email to licensing@treasury.tas.gov.au.

The following fact sheet provides information about:
  • WHY data is required;
  • WHO must report;
  • WHAT data must be reported; and
  • WHO is exempt.

You must report between 1 July and 30 September each year for the previous financial year. If you transfer or surrender your licence, or your licence is cancelled you should report as soon as you can after this occurs (you do not need to wait until 1 July).

​​A simple online form and CSV template must be used and are available at the bottom of this page. Sample versions are provided below.


Information about how to complete the online form and CSV template is provided in the following fact sheet.

​​​T​​hings to do before starting the online form:​

 ​1. Access Tasmanian liquor licence numbers

You will need your Tasmanian liquor licence number.

If you are not exempt you will also need the licence numbers of the Tasmanian liquor licence holders to whom you sold liquor.

Licence numbers are available from this link. ​

2. Decide whether you are exempt from reporting data​

It is up to you to determine whether you are exempt or not. You can do this by reading the fact sheets and checking the small business thresholds which are based on total sales volume in a financial year.

If your total sales volume by product is below each of the following small business thresholds you are likely to be exempt from reporting data:
  • spirits 8 750 litres;
  • wine 28 500 litres;​
  • ​beer 100 000 litres; and
  • cider 100 000 litres.
If you are exempt you should complete the online form once only between 1 July and 30 September. You will not be required to complete the form again or to report data in future years unless you are no longer exempt.

3. Complete a CSV file containing your data (if not exempt)​

You can only provide data using the CSV template. Check the fact sheet for information about how to fill in the CSV template.

4. Be prepared to complete the online form in one session

The online form will only take a few minutes to complete. It cannot be saved, closed and returned to at a later time. However, if you keep a partially completed form open on-screen, you can finish it later in the same session.


​​Completing the online form: 

​Once you have completed the steps above, fill in the:
If you are not exempt and must submit data as well as the above form:
  • Download this CSV template to your computer.
  • Enter your data to the CSV file on your computer.
  • Save your work.
  • Fill in the above form and upload the CSV file from your computer (follow the prompts when completing the form).




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