Electronic Gaming Machine Expenditure by Rolling Year

​​​​EGM player expenditure figures are updated monthly (in arrears) by the Tasmania Liquor and Gaming Commission. Player expenditure is the total amount wagered less the total amount won, by people who play gaming machines in hotels, clubs, casinos and on Spirit of Tasmania ferries.

The following table shows monthly EGM player expenditure by rolling year.   

MonthVenues (including casinos)Player ExpenditureGaming Machines
Apr-2197$12,926,8243 526
97$15,128,0683 526
Jun-2197$14,320,1843 490
Jul-2197$16,823,8453 490
Aug-2197$15,994,9193 490
Sep-2197$15,452,5433 490
Oct-2196$14,967,1143 470
Nov-2196$14,799,6673 470
Dec-2194$14,122,7883 374
Jan-2293$12,507,3553 344
Feb-2293$13,199,1033 349
Mar-2293$14,589,4633 349

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