Complaints and reviews

​At RBF we strive to ensure our members receive the best possible service at all times, but sometimes our service might not meet your expectations.

RBF views your feedback as an opportunity to improve our service and is committed to settling any member concerns promptly and fairly.


There is no charge for making a complaint via RBF's internal complaints handling procedure.
You can make a complaint to RBF relating to:

  • the operation or management of the Fund;
  • the action or inaction of RBF, or an authorised representative of RBF, but cannot relate to the action or inaction of the member's employer;
  • a decision by RBF in respect of a benefit payment; or
  • an exercise of discretion by the Commission as trustee of the Fund.

As RBF is not a regulated super fund you cannot lodge a complaint with the Super Complaints Tribunal. You can however lodge a complaint with the Tasmanian Ombudsman.

Complaints should be made to RBF in writing.

For further information about how complaints and enquiries are managed at RBF, including who to contact, please read our Enquiries and Complaints Handling document.

What if I am not happy with a decision by RBF?

If you are not satisfied with a decision by RBF that affects you, you may request that the decision be reviewed.

If RBF has made a decision that affects you, RBF will write to you and provide you with the opportunity to request a review of the decision.

You can request a review by writing to RBF within 21 days of notification of the decision.

If you require further information on the reviews process, please contact RBF's Reviews and Complaints Officer on 1800 622 631.

What if I'm not satisfied with RBF's review of its decision?

You may have further appeal rights if you remain dissatisfied with the final decision of the Commission. If you require further information on this, you should contact the RBF Reviews and Complaints Officer on 1800 622 631.

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