RBF Service Charter

This Service Charter sets out what members can expect from RBF face-to-face, telephone, online and administrative services as we work to meet member expectations, delivering superannuation entitlements consistently, respectfully and with integrity.

Our st​​andards

We strive to:

  • provide a consistent, timely and responsive service;
  • provide accurate and useful information about entitlements for members;
  • answer your query immediately or if it is best handled by a specialist, direct your enquiry to the appropriate area; and
  • notify you and communicate any delay in delivering on our service commitment.

Our serv​​​ice commitment

Our customer service is delivered by skilled, professional, and responsive staff.

We will:

  • respectfully listen to you to understand what you as an individual need to know about RBF entitlements;
  • treat you with sensitivity, understanding that some entitlements are difficult to discuss;
  • clearly communicate your RBF entitlements and confirm your understanding of them;
  • provide you with supporting information (such as factsheets or benefit calculators) that is easily accessible by you;
  • educate stakeholders, such as employers, so that we have what we need to provide services to members;
  • adhere to our Privacy Policy Statement to protect any confidential information that you may provide to us; and
  • manage conflicts of interest effectively in accordance with our Conflicts of Interest Policy.

We can't:

  • provide you with information that is not relevant to RBF entitlements; or
  • recommend a financial advisor, but we will ask you to consider seeking independent financial advice.​

How you ​​can help us, help you

To enable us to provide you with a high level of service, we ask that you:

  • be prepared with queries about your entitlement options when you meet with us;
  • give us accurate and complete information and where appropriate, supporting documentation;
  • allow time for us to explain and respond within agreed timeframes; and
  • treat us with courtesy and respect.

Member fe​edback and complaints

We acknowledge the rights of members to complain and welcome both constructive and positive feedback.


For further information about how complaints and enquiries are managed at RBF please refer to our Enquiries and Complaints brochure.

Review of ​Commission decisions

Statutory​​ Hearing

The Public Sector Superannuation Reform Regulations 2017 provide a mechanism to review the exercise of discretionary powers by the Commission. The Commission must make a preliminary decision regarding any application, request or question under Part 10 or Regulation 73 and communicate the decision to the applicant or person making the request.

If an applicant or person:

  • does not agree with the decision, they have 21 days to make an election to appear and be heard before the Commission and provide additional information. The Commission may make the decision final or revise its decision, applying any terms or conditions that it considers fair and equitable; or
  • who makes a request does nothing, the preliminary decision becomes final, and the outcome of the decision is implemented in accordance with the regulations.

If an applicant remains opposed to the final decision, they may within six months after notification of the final decision, require the Commission to apply to the Supreme Court for a declaration in respect of that final decision.

Contacting us

Our contact details can be found on the Contact us page.

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