Who we are

​The Retirement Benefits Fund (RBF) has managed super for Tasmanian public sector employees since 1904, providing superannuation administration and member services to Tasmanian public sector employees and their spouses who hold a defined benefit account or pension.

The trustee of the Fund is the Superannuation Commission, which was established effective 1 April 2017 to oversee the administration of the public sector defined benefit schemes in Tasmania. 

The Chair of the Superannuation Commission is Ms Evelyn Horton.  This appointment was effective 1 October 2019.

The day to day running of the defined benefit schemes is managed by the Office of the Superannuation Commission, within the Department of Treasury and Finance. The Director of the Office of the Superannuation Commission is Mr Adrian Christian.

The primary responsibility of the Office of the Superannuation Commission is to provide high level support to the Superannuation Commission in undertaking its statutory functions under:
  • the Public Sector Superannuation Reform Act 2016,
  • the Public Sector Superannuation Reform Regulations 2016,
  • and the Public Sector Superannuation Reform (Parliamentary Superannuation) Regulations 2016.
The Commission undertakes a range of activities to provide member services and solutions; manage investments and finance; and provide product operational support. The Commission is also responsible for the administration of the Fund, which will comprise all of the assets, including investments, accounts and sub funds, of the Retirement Benefits Fund.

Our values

Our values and behaviours provide us with a shared sense of purpose and support us in our day to day working lives.​


Integrity ... as it builds confidence, trust and self-respect, and is the foundation of open and honest communication;

Excellence ... as it challenges us to give our best and brings us recognition;

Respect ... as it recognises the value of each of us and the contribution we all make;

Camaraderie ... as it creates a fun and supportive place to be; and

Passion ... as it inspires us to achieve great things.


RBF's mission

Our mission is:

To improve the well-being of Tasmanians by providing:

  • high quality advice to the Government; and
  • effective and efficient administration of our financial and regulatory responsibilities.

Speak Up and support ethical behaviour

RBF is pleased to participate in the Integrity Commission's Speak Up program.

Speak Up encourages all workers to help identify and eradicate misconduct within our organisation and help create a more efficient workplace where ethical standards are followed.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2002 provides statutory protections and procedures for people who speak up, especially about serious or significant improper behaviour, including illegal, corrupt, dangerous and other kinds of misconduct.

More information about the Speak Up program is available on the Integrity Commission's website.

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