How much do I need?

​Today people are fitter, healthier and living longer than ever before. The good news is that many of us can expect to enjoy a retirement of about thirty years. But, just how much do you need in retirement?

By involving yourself in your super you can help to ensure you have the money to fund a comfortable retirement.

Firstly, take control of your finances. You can use MoneySmart's budget planner to see where your money is currently going and what you're spending it on. The budget planner asks you to consider your current living expenses and income.

When you have completed the budget planner, a summary is automatically calculated for you. You can use this information to assist you in planning for your retirement in order to maintain your chosen lifestyle.

Once you know what your budget will need to be to maintain your current lifestyle, you can login to the member secure website and use the Retirement Income Simulator to work out how much super you are likely to have at retirement and how long this will last.

Not enough? Don't panic, there are way to increase your retirement savings. Find more information in the Building my super section. Or you can contact us to make an appointment with an RBF Superannuation Consultant.

RBF can help you maximise your super to achieve your retirement goals.