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​If you've been putting off dealing with super issues because it seems too hard or time consuming, you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

After all, it is your money. Taking some interest in your super can help ensure your future is as bright as you deserve it to be. If you are looking for a worthy investment, look no further than yourself.

Keep up-to-date with your super

Registering on the RBF website will give you the freedom to manage your super, update your personal details and manage your communication preferences.

Stay informed

With knowledge comes power - the power to take control of your super and enjoy your retirement. Use the forms & publications page to view all our reports, newsletters, brochures, forms and fact sheets.

Add up the value

Make your life easy and use our range of calculators to help you reach your retirement goals and financial peace of mind.

Do you have a question?

RBF has identified our members' most frequently asked questions (FAQ). The answers should help you with some superannuation issues.

Get help

We understand that sometimes a phone call is not enough. So we will book a time to sit down with you to answer all your questions about super.

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