Simple steps to understanding your benefit

​​Super can be complex. RBF has provided these simple steps to assist you to understand your super and help you to get the most out of the many benefits available.

Step 1 - Find out about RBF products and services

To maximise your super you need to consider all your options. You may be able to improve your super by using products and services such as salary sacrifice.

RBF offers easy, free of charge options to help you learn more about your super including:

  • an extensive range of brochures and fact sheets about our products and services;
  • Member Benefit Statements;
  • workplace presentations; and
  • personal interviews.

RBF can also provide information about:

  • your defined benefit;
  • RBF products and services;
  • improving your benefit; and
  • retirement options.

If you would like information about your super, which is not available on this website, please contact us to explore your options.

Step 2 - Understand the many RBF benefits

Important things to focus on:

How to become involved with your benefit:

Step 3 - Simple techniques for improving your benefit

Important things to focus on:

How to become involved with your benefit:

  • read and keep your Annual Member Benefit Statement;
  • track your benefit at any time by looking at your account details on the member secure website;
  • read some information about the defined benefit schemes in our Forms and Publications page;
  • provide your tax file number to ensure we can accept your personal non-concessional (after tax) contributions and so you do not pay additional tax arising from not providing your tax file number;
  • make an appointment to talk to a Superannuation Consultant by calling the RBF Enquiry Line on 1800 622 631.

Step 4 - Planning to maximise your RBF retirement savings

Important things to focus on:

  • do you know what your benefit is likely to be at retirement?
  • do you understand how contribution caps impact the amount you can contribute and the tax you may pay on your contributions?
  • are you eligible to buy back or upgrade service?
  • what are your lifestyle expectations for the future?
  • do you know how tax and Centrelink impact on your retirement?

Attending a personal interview with a Superannuation Consultant is a great way to become involved in your benefit and gain information on how your benefit is tracking.

Step 5 - Using your RBF retirement savings

Become engaged with your retirement savings and review your benefit and/or pension regularly.

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