2020 PAYG Summaries

UPDATE 4/08/2020
We previously advised that all PAYG summaries were posted on Tuesday 21 July 2020.​  We have been made aware that in fact this did not occur until Tuesday 28 July 2020.  The estimated delivery time to Metro Tasmania is 3-4 days and to Regional Tasmania 4-5 days. We sincerely apologise for the lodgement delay.  Please call the RBF Enquiry Line on 1800 622 631 if you have not received your summary.   ATO data is not due to be lodged until 14 August which is why you will not see your PAYG reflected in myGov until after that date. 

**UPDATE** PAYG Summaries were posted on Tuesday 21 July 2020.​

Unfortunately PAYG summaries for pensioners are delayed until Friday 31 July due to a technical issue.  We apologise for any inconvienience caused by this delay.  Any further updates will be provided via the website.

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