Change to Employer Contribution Rate - State Fire Commission Superannuation Scheme

In accordance with regulation 169 of the Public Sector Superannuation Reform Regulations 2017 (PSSR Regulations), every three years the Superannuation Commission is required to obtain advice from the State Actuary regarding the financial position of the State Fire Commission Superannuation Scheme (SFCSS) and the extent to which the assets of the SFCSS cover the Vested Benefits of that scheme.

The Superannuation Commission has determined on the advice of the Actuary, pursuant to regulation 169 of the PSSR Regulations, that effective from 1 July 2022 the level of employer superannuation contributions to the SFCSS be reduced from 11.0% of salaries to 5.0% of salaries.

The SFCSS is a defined benefit superannuation scheme and it is important to note that the reduction of employer superannuation contributions from 11.0% to 5.0% changes payment arrangements between the fund and the Agency and does not impact a SFCSS member's benefit amount or entitlements.

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