RBF Online Benefit Estimates

​Your RBF Online Benefit Estimate is now live

Your benefit estimate is now available online for all Contributory Scheme members.  This new functionality will provide a benefit estimate as at the day it is performed.

If you are a member of the SFCSS (State Fire Commission Super Scheme) or TASSS (Tasmanian Ambulance Service Superannuation Scheme) this functionality is not yet available, this is expected within the next few months.

For Contributory Scheme members who wish to perform a projected estimate, you can use the MemberAccess online projection tools.

How will I be able to view the estimate?

To view your benefit estimate, you will need to log into your Member Access account at www.rbf.com.au.

Not already registered? You can register to use MemberAccess here.

For members with more than one account you will be able to click on the drop down box at the top of the page next to 'Settings'.

You can use this box to toggle between your accounts. If only one account appears call the RBF Enquiry Line to link any missing accounts to your profile.

From the benefit estimate page use the drop down menu to select your chosen benefit type. Once chosen select 'generate'.

Important information

Please read the information and disclaimer for each benefit type as they provide key points to be considered when viewing the estimate.

If your personal or account details shown in MemberAccess are incorrect or incomplete please let us know.

Want more information?

If you have any questions about your benefit you can call or book a free consultation with one of our superannuation consultants through the RBF Enquiry Line on 1800 622 631.


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