RBF's Tasmanian Accumulation Scheme has transferred to Tasplan

From 1 April 2017, your super in the RBF Tasmanian Accumulation Scheme was transferred to Tasplan and the new Superannuation Commission, supported by the Office of the Superannuation Commission was established from the same date.

If you held any of the below accounts with RBF, your account has been transferred to Tasplan.

  • RBF Investment Account
  • RBF Account Based Pension
  • RBF Transition to Retirement Account Based Pension
  • RBF Term Allocated Pension

Therefore, you are now a Tasplan member. This means that Tasplan can accept requests and contributions from you.

Investment switches and contributions received by Tasplan from 1 April 2017 will be processed effective the date the request was received.

Pensioners will be able to make changes to banking and pension payment details from Thursday 27 April 2017. You will need to contact Tasplan to action this.

Please note that whilst you can make requests from this date, they may not be reflected accurately on your account until late May 2017 when unit prices are finalised and all processing is completed.

Refer to the Tasplan website at www.tasplan.com.au for forms.

Towards the end of May 2017,you will receive a welcome pack from Tasplan with information about how to register to view your account online.

If you require access to your online account before you receive your welcome pack, you can contact Tasplan on 1800 005 166 from Tuesday 18 April 2017 and they will assist you.

Full access to your Tasplan account and normal processing times will resume from Monday 22 May 2017.

More information is available on our Significant events notices page.

Issued by the Superannuation Commission (ABN 93 598 914 092) as trustee of the Retirement Benefits Fund (ABN 51 737 334 954). This article contains information or advice that is intended to be general in nature and which was prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, before acting on any information or advice in this article, please consider whether it is appropriate to your personal circumstances, talk to a financial adviser and consider the Contributory Scheme: Member Booklet and relevant Fact sheets, available at www.rbf.com.au or by calling the RBF Enquiry Line on 1800 622 631, before making a decision.

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