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On this page are the current factsheets and booklets for the Fund.

A selection of member forms are also included here, some such as ill health and early release applications and payment instruction forms are issued directly to members as required and are not available online.

By submitting information using these forms, I understand and consent to my information being collected, disclosed and used in the manner set out in our ​Privacy policy statement, the Privacy ​policy of Link Group​ and the Department of Treasury and Finance's Personal Information Protection Policy​.

​​Personal information

 RBF Fact Sheet - Changing your name (PDF 220Kb)

 RBF Form - Change of personal details (PDF 50Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Completing proof of Identity (PDF 39Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - How to apply for a super payout (PDF 76Kb)

 RBF Form - Providing your Tax File Number (PDF 52Kb)​

 RBF Form - Request for details of personal information (PDF 45Kb)​


​Scheme booklets and factsheets

 Contributory Scheme Member Booklet (PDF 415Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Contributory Scheme CPA (PDF 71Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - TASSS Your Benefits Explained (PDF 228Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - SFCSS Your Benefits Explained (PDF 285Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Family Law (PDF 180Kb)

​​Contributory Scheme - Funding rate change

pdfRBF User Manual Member Tools (tools are located within Member Access)


​​​​​Retireme​nt, redun​dancy and resignation

 RBF Fact Sheet - Retirement for Members over Preservation Age (PDF 400Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Redundancy Process for Post July 1994 members (PDF 96Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Redundancy Process for Pre July 1994 members (PDF 143Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Resignation Benefit for Members under preservation age (PDF 158Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Leaving Your Employer (PDF 90Kb)

Changing your Contribution Rate

 RBF Form - Contributory Scheme Election to vary contributions (PDF 51Kb)

 RBF Form - SFCSS Election to vary contributions (PDF 49Kb)

 RBF Form - TASSS Election to vary contributions (PDF 49Kb)

Purchasing or upgrading past service

 RBF Form - Application for purchase and upgrade of service (PDF 45Kb)​

 RBF Fact Sheet - Purchase and upgrade of service (PDF 87Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Deed of arrangement terms and conditions (PDF 51Kb)

Early re​lease

 RBF Fact Sheet - Accessing your super early (PDF 128Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Accessing your super early on compassionate grounds (PDF 96Kb)

Parental or Sick L​​eave without Pay

 RBF Fact Sheet - Leave Without Pay (PDF 401Kb)

 RBF Form - Sick or Parental Leave Application (PDF 52Kb)​


Ill Health and Death​​

 RBF Fact Sheet - Death and Incapacity Cover (PDF 237Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Who Will Receive My Death Benefit (PDF 98Kb)

 RBF Form - Making a death benefit election (PDF 67Kb)

 RBF Form - Medical Examination (PDF 77Kb)

 RBF Form - Interim Invalidity Monthly Income Declaration (PDF 126Kb)

RBF Lif​​e Pension

 RBF Fact Sheet - Life Pension (PDF 96Kb)

 RBF Fact Sheet - Life Pension Conversion Factors (PDF 213Kb)

RBF Life Pension related forms

RBF Form - Life Pension Annual Declaration   (64Kb)

 RBF Form - Change Bank Account Details for RBF Life Pension (PDF 47Kb)

 RBF Form - Application for a RBF Life Pension (PDF 240Kb)

Reversionary Life Pension Surviving ​Partner information

 RBF Fact Sheet - Reversionary Life Pension Surviving Partner Application Checklist (PDF 154Kb)

 RBF Form - Application to be determined as a surviving partner (pensions) (PDF 89Kb)

 RBF Form - Reversionary Life Pension Partner Declaration Form (PDF 72Kb)

ATO lin​​​ks

ATO Medicare levy variation declaration

ATO Withholding declaration - Short version for Seniors and Pensioners

ATO Withholding declaration

ATO Standard choice form

ATO Tax File Number Declaration​​​

Defined benefit income cap tool​

Governance documents

​​Enquiries and Complaints Handling 

Conflict of interest

​​​​​​​Public Interest Disclosures

Right to Information​

Annual reports​​

 Superannuation Commission Annual Report 2022-23 (PDF 12Mb)

 Superannuation Commission Annual Report 2021-22 (PDF 5Mb)

 Superannuation Commission Annual Report 2020-21 (PDF 3Mb)

 Superannuation Commission Annual Report 2019-20  (7Mb)

 Superannuation Commission Annual Report 2018-19   (4Mb)

Superannuation Commission Annual Report 2017-18   (3Mb)

 Superannuation Commission Annual Report 2016-2017   (2Mb)


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