​​​​​​​​​In accordance with the State Grants Commission Act 1976 the Commission is comprised of three members appointed by the Governor:

  • a Chair, who is a nominee of the Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance, approved by the Treasurer and appointed by the Governor; and
  • two representatives of local government nominated by the Minister responsible for the Local Government Act 1993 from a list of four names submitted by the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT).
The current members of the State Grants Commission and appointment term expiry are:
Mr C Lock
Chair and nominee of the Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance and approved by the Treasurer
30 June​ 2027​
Mr G A Preece
representative of local government31 Dec 2023​
Ms K Schaefer
representative of local government​10​ Feb 2024

​The Commission seeks to operate using best practice governance strategies. It actively promotes increased stakeholder interest in its activities, methodology and assessment calculations, and works to ensure an environment of greater accountability and transparency. ​

The Commission maintains a Conflict of Interest Register which is reviewed at the commencement of every Commission meeting.

The Commission also maintains a Member Handbook which includes, amongst other matters, the Member Induction process, Commission performance assessment and reporting, Work Health and Safety principles, Gifts and Benefits policy, travel expense and reimbursement policy and procedures, Commission budget, resourcing and work plan, and the Memorandum of Understanding between the Commission and the Local Government Division of the Department of Premier and Cabinet (LGD).

Attached is a guideline to the Com​mission's performance assessment processes.

The Commission has recently adopted a more strategic view to its processes and work planning.  This work has resulted in the Commission replacing its Triennium Work Plan method of implementing methodology changes at the end of the review period, with a process of implementing methodology changes as and when the Commission considers appropriate.

The Commission has its own Strategic and Operational Planning Framework and determines the priority of its work program and projects within this framework.  The work program is reviewed regularly.  The current version of the Commission's Strategic and Operational Framework is State Grants Commission IP21-10 Strategic and Operational Planning Framework September 2021​.

Further information can be obtained from the contact ​​​below.


The Executive Officer
State Grants Commission
GPO Box 147
Phone: 03 6145 5881

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