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​​The State Grants Commission (the Commission) is an independent statutory body that was established by State legislation, the State Grants Commission Act 1976. The primary function of the Commission is to make recommendations to the Treasurer concerning the distribution of Australian Government financial assistance grants (FA Grants) to local government under the provisions of the Australian Government legislation, the Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995 (C'wlth).

The Australian Government financial assistance is provided in two parts: a Base Grant (general purpose) component and a Road Grant component. The Australian Government determines each state's share of the Base Grant pool based on population share and the Road Grant pool based on historically agreed proportions. Despite their source names, FA Grants are provided to councils as untied, general revenue and can be spent as councils choose, and not according to their funding source names.​

Each financial year, the Australian Government provides estimated grant pools upon which the Commission bases its recommendations. The Australian Government also finalises each states' grant entitlements for the previous year based on final population figures and the Consumer Price Index.

The estimated grant pools for the 2021-22 year, as well as the finalised grant pools for the two previous years, are as follows:

Base Grant Component
Road Grant Component
$38 783 248​​​
$43 277 863​$82 061 111
$37 293 018​
$41 695 489​​
$78 988 507​​
​$37 121 818
​$41 227 828
$78 349 646

Full details of the Commission's activities during 2020-21, including the Commission's 2021-22 financial assistance grant recommendations, can be found in the State Grants Commission 2020-21 Annual Report, including 2021-22 Financial Assistance Grant Recommendations (Report Number 45​​).

The ​2020-21 Annual Report also provides details of the 2021-22​ Heavy Vehicle Motor Tax Revenue Recommendations. ​

Recommendations for previous years can be found in the relevant annual reports on the Publications page.

Administrative support for the Commission is provided by the Department of Treasury and Finance. All costs associated with the administration of the Commission including Commissioner's stipends, wages, meeting costs and travel expenses are met by the Department, and are not deducted from the grant pools.

The role of Executive Officer of the Commission is based within the Intergovernment and Financial Policy Branch, of the Department of Treasury and Finance. Enquiries regarding the activities of, or methodology used by, the Commission should be ​directed to the contact below.


The Executive Officer
State Grants Commission
GPO Box 147
Phone: 03 6145 5881
Fax: 03 6173 0219

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