Property - Further Information


Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd
For claims management advice (but not legal advice).

LeasePlan Australia
LeasePlan manage the Government's light passenger vehicle fleet including purchase and disposal.

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
For all legal advice.



Government Vehicle Fleet Management Handbook
Guidelines on the management of the Government's light vehicle fleet, including policy and guidelines on the allocation and use of Tasmanian Government Vehicles.

Magistrates Court
For information on making a minor civil claim and court procedures, select the above link and then select Jurisdictions / Civil / Minor Civil Claims.

Policy and guidelines for the allocation and use of vehicles within the state service
DPAC guidelines governing the use of Government vehicles.

Worksafe Tasmania - Accident and Incident Notification Guidelines
Guidelines on handling and reporting incidents resulting in death or serious bodily injury or illness, or potentially dangerous incidents.


Work Health and Safety Act 2012
For information on the responsibilities of employers and workers in respect to health and safety issues in the workplace, including the responsibility of employers to immediately report all incidents resulting in death or serious injury or illness, or a dangerous incident, to the regulator (section 38).

Ministerial Directions

Ministerial Direction No 1.1 (2002) - Administration
Specifies certain administrative procedures including compensation for loss or accidental damage to clothing and personal effects of employees (paragraph 1.2) and use of private motor vehicles (paragraph 2.1).

Ministerial Direction No 8 (1 July 2003) - Indemnity Against Legal Process
Specifies the process and circumstances in which indemnity will be provided for State Service employees, including information on the members and operations of the Inter-Agency Committee on Actions Against Public Servants.

Treasurer's Instruction

Treasurer's Instruction 1403 - Claims management
Provides instruction and guidance for agencies on the management of claims made against the Tasmanian Risk Management Fund for loss of or damage to property, personal injury or a potential liability (but excluding workers compensation).

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