Items of interest - archives


Items of interest - archives

New TRMF Administration Agent - Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd (JLT) commenced as the new provider of Fund Administration Agent services to the Tasmanian Risk Management Fund on 1 July 2015. JLT replaces Marsh Pty Ltd in this role. The TRMF section of the Treasury website has been updated to reflect the change, including the Policy and Disclosure Document of the TRMF and Forms to include the contact information for JLT's Hobart office.

In addition, the TRMF nominated agency excesses for each category of risk for 2015-16 are now available on the site. Also, as it is the beginning of a new financial year, agency staff are reminded that they can obtain a copy of their agency's 2015-16 Certificate of Currency from their agency representative, if required.

If you have any queries in respect to the new FAA or information contained on the TRMF site, please email

Treasurer's Instruction 1403 Claims Management

A new Treasurer's lnstruction has been approved providing instruction and guidance for agencies on the management of claims made against the Tasmanian Risk Management Fund for loss of or damage to property, personal injury or a potential liability (but excluding workers compensation).

Treasury has prepared the new TI in response to ongoing issues raised by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in relation to the management and settlement of claims. ln particular, Treasury has been advised that agencies were not always seeking advice from the DPP on claims (or potential claims), or advice was sought too late in the process, thereby potentially compromising the Crown's position.

Treasury sought feedback from the DPP, the Fund Administration Agent, Marsh Pty Ltd, and agencies in the preparation of Treasurer's Instruction 1403 Claims Management.

The new TI, effective from 1 May 2013, is available on the Treasury website at>Treasurer's Instructions>Government Contracts and Claims Management. Links to the new TI also appear on the TRMF website under 'Further information' for the applicable risk types listed under 'Incident Management'.

If you have any queries in respect to the new TI, please contact Alison Lyne on telephone 6166 4221 or email

1 July 2015

1 May 2013
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