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Civil Liability Act 2002
Legislation limiting liability and the level of damages that may be awarded in certain circumstances, including the personal liability of certain classes of volunteers.

Ministerial Direction No 1.1 (2002) - Administration
Specifies certain administrative procedures including compensation for loss or accidental damage to clothing and personal effects of employees (paragraph 1.2) and use of private motor vehicles (paragraph 2.1).

Employment Direction No 16 (1 January 2016) - Indemnity and Legal Assistance
Specifies the circumstances in which indemnity and legal assistance may be granted to employees and officers, including Heads of Agency, appointed under the State Service Act 2000.

WorkCover Tasmania
For information, guides and other publications on workplace health and safety, workers' compensation, the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988, occupational rehabilitation, and occupational health and safety.

Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988
Tasmanian workers' compensation legislation.

Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Regulations 2011
Regulations made under the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988.

Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal
The Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal hears all workers' compensation disputes.

Work Health and Safety Act 2012
Legislative responsibilities of employers and workers in respect to health and safety issues in the workplace.

WorkSafe Tasmania
WorkSafe Tasmania administers the laws that regulate work health and safety, workers' compensation and return to work, occupational accreditation, asbestos compensation, dangerous goods - and more.

Government Motor Vehicle Allocation and Use Policy  - For Information regarding Government Vehicle Fleet Management

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