Licence and permit fees


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This is the current schedule of liquor and gaming fees for the period 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023​ and supersedes all other 

references to fees in various forms.


Payments can be made by completing the credit card paym​ent authority ​below:

 Credit Card Authority (DOCX 138Kb)

Liqu​or Fe​es​​

Liquor lice​​nces​​

 Application feeGrant feeTransfer feeAnnual fee
General licence$1,360.00$340.00$680.00$952.00
On-licence (operating as a restaurant)$680.00$340.00$340.00$442.00
Club licence$1,360.00$340.00$680.00$442.00
Special licence$680.00$340.00$340.00$442.00
Special licence (sale of Tasmanian wine at winery/cellar door)$340.00$340.00$170.00$442.00
Special licence (sale of Tasmanian wine from vineyard only)$170.00$340.00$170.00$442.00


Variation​ of licence conditions

 Application fee
Any liquor licence$153

Int​erim authority to act as licensee

 Application fee
Any liquor licence

Liquor per​​mits​​​

​Out-of-hours permit

Less than 7 days7 to 12 months (both inclusive)> 12 months
up to 2 years
> 2 years
up to 3 years
Out-of-hours permit$85.00$671.50$1,343.00$2,014.50

Special permit

​Less than 4 days
​4 to 30 days
​6 months
​Special permit

Other permit types - 12 months duration

​​Permit type
​​Application fee
​Small producer's permit

Variation of permit conditions

Application fee
Any liquor permit

Gaming Fees

​​Licenced premises gami​​ng licence​

 Application feeRenewal feeAnnual fee
Keno (existing venue)$1416.10$945.20$1,190.00
Keno (new venue)$1621.80N/AN/A
Gaming machines or Keno and gaming machines (existing venue)$1657.50$1115.20$1,190.00
Gaming machines (per machine in excess of 10)N/A
Gaming machines or Keno and gaming machines (new venue - community interest submission required)$3607.40N/AN/A
Licensee request to amend a licence and/or conditions$212.50N/AN/A

Roll of recognised manufacturers, suppliers and testers of gaming equipment

 Application feeRenewal feeAnnual fee
Roll of recognised manufacturers, suppliers and testers of gaming equipment$850.00$850.00
Variation to roll listing$170.00  


Application fee
Associate (each nominated)

Special employee l​ic​​​​ence

 Application feeRenewal fee (5 year licence)
Special Employee Licence$224.40$224.40
Licence replacement​

Technician l​​icence

Application feeRenewal fee (5 year licence)
Technician Licence$224.40$224.40
Licence replacement$34.00N/A​

Minor g​​aming permit

 Application fee (1 year permit)Application fee (2 year permit)
Minor Gaming Permit$127.50

Foreign games p​​ermit

 Application feeRenewal fee
Foreign Games Permit$1,700.00$1,700.00

​Redefine casi​no boundaries

 Application fee
Redefine casino boundaries

Tasmanian gaming licence

Application fee
Tasmanian Gaming Licence$51,000.00​

​2020 COVID-19 fee refunds

You may be eligible for a refund if during 2020 a payment was made for a fee that was later waived or reduced. To apply for a refund, complete the relevant form below and email to​.



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