Licence and permit fees

​​Refer here for the liquor and gaming fees schedule for 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025​: ​

This is the current schedule of liquor and gaming fees for the period 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024 and supersedes all other references to fees in various forms.​


Payments can be made by completing the credit card paym​ent authority ​below:

 Credit Card Authority (DOCX 138Kb)

Liqu​or fe​es​​

Liquor lice​​nces​​

 Application feeGrant feeTransfer feeAnnual fee
General licence$1,424.00
On-licence (operating as a restaurant)$712.00
Club licence$1,424.00
Special licence$712.00$356.00$356.00$462.80
Special licence (sale of Tasmanian wine at winery/cellar door)$356.00$356.00$178.00$462.80
Special licence (sale of Tasmanian wine from vineyard only)$178.00$356.00$178.00$462.80


Variation​ of licence conditions

Application fee
Any liquor licence$160.20

Int​erim authority to act as licensee

 Application fee
Any liquor licence

Liquor per​​mits​​​

​Out-of-hours permit

Less than 7 days7 to 12 months (both inclusive)> 12 months
up to 2 years
> 2 years
up to 3 years
Out-of-hours permit$89.00

Special permit

​Less than 4 days
​4 to 30 days
​6 months
​Special permit

Other permit types - 12 months duration

​​Permit type
​​Application fee
​Small producer's permit

Variation of permit conditions

Application fee
Any liquor permit

Gaming fees

​​Venue Licence Application fee

​Application fee
Keno only
Additional fee if no previous licence
Keno &/or Gaming Machines
Community Interest Submission (if appicable)

Venue Licence annual fees

​Annual fees
Keno only
Number of EGMs
​Licence Fees
$1 000 per EGM #1-5
$5 000 for EGMs #1-5;
plus $1 300 per EGM #6-10

​$11 500 For EGMs #1-10;
plus $1 600 per EGM #11-15

​$19 500 for EGMs #1-15;
plus $1 900 per EGM #16-20

​$29 000 for EGMs #1-20;
plus $2 200 per EGM #21-25
​$40 000 for EGMs #1-25;
plus $2 500 per EGM #26+

Venue Licence changes​

Application fee
Request to amend licence $534.00
Additional fee if community interest test is required $2251.70
Application to increase the number of gaming machine authorities $503.74
 Application to decrease the number of gaming machine authorities$327.52 

Special employee l​ic​​​​ence

 Application feeRenewal fee (5 year licence)
Special Employee Licence$234.96
Licence replacement​

Technician l​​icence

Application feeRenewal fee (5 year licence)
Technician Licence$234.96

Minor g​​aming permit

 Application fee (1 year permit)Application fee (2 year permit)
Minor Gaming Permit$133.50

Change of Associate

Application fee
Change of ​Associate

Roll of recognised manufacturers, suppliers and testers of gaming equipment

 Application feeRenewal feeAnnual fee
Roll of recognised manufacturers, suppliers and testers of gaming equipment$890.00

Foreign games p​​ermit

 Application feeRenewal fee
Foreign Games Permit$1,780.00

Tasmanian gaming licence

Application fee​
Tasmanian Gaming Licence$53,400.00

​Gaming equipment approvals

Application fee

New machine type*​


Update to machine type


New machine game**


Regression tested machine game


Machine game base only


Other gaming equipment (roulette wheels, card shufflers etc.)


New electronic monitoring system


Update to electronic monitoring system


*machine type includes both gaming machines and fully automated table game machines
**machine game includes gaming machine games and fully automated table game machine games

Please note that the manufacturer will be invoiced upon the Branch receiving an Application for Approval of Gaming Equipment. The evaluation will commence once the invoice has been paid.

​Monitoring functions and fees

The following fees will be payable by venue operators to the Monitoring Operator:

  • a 'Core Monitoring' fee - for EGM monitoring and functions such as help desk services, basic reporting, tax verification, complaints investigation and significant event monitoring; and
  • set fees for 'Regulated' functions that can only be performed by the LMO such as installation, repair and maintenance of EGMs, jackpot monitoring and destruction of EGMs.
Function - daily feesFee ($)
(excl GST)
Basis charged

Core monitoring

  • functions include all EGM monitoring, reporting and Help Desk
2.43per EGM per day


Function - regulated monitoring feesFee ($)
(excl GST)
Basis charged
Installation and commissioning of one gaming machine180per EGM per action
Removal and decommissioning of one gaming machine115per EGM per action
Configuration change to one gaming machine or gaming machine game125per EGM per action
Operation, monitoring and configuration management of one linked jackpot arrangement in a venue3.84per EGM per day
Connection of one gaming machine to one linked jackpot arrangement in a venue200per EGM per action
Removal of one gaming machine from a linked jackpot arrangement in a venue200per EGM per action
Decommissioning of one linked jackpot arrangement in a venue200per EGM per action
Repair and return to service of one gaming machine and preventative maintenance of one gaming machine (based on one preventative maintenance task per EGM per year).
1.79per EGM per day
Relocation of one gaming machine in a venue (an internal gaming machine move)165per EGM per action
Destruction of one gaming machine150per EGM per action
New venue preparation or refurbishment (ie site survey, cabling, and supply and installation of venue based EMS components such as telecommunication end points, venue EMS host and equipment rack etc)400Hourly rate ($20 000 max)
Undertake a gaming machine retrofit or repair under warranty on behalf of manufacturer150Hourly rate


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