Provisional Surviving Partner Declaration and Surviving Partner Application information

​Introducing the Provisional Surviving Partner Pension Declaration

Since 31 March 2022, a new Provisional Surviving Partner Pension Declaration form allows a reversionary pensioner to declare a person as their partner (at that time). This form is completed by both the reversionary pensioner and their declared partner.

On the death of the reversionary pensioner, the Superannuation Commission (Commission) will consider whether, based on the information available to the Commission, the declared partner is at that time 'reasonably likely' to meet the definition of a Surviving Partner and eligible to receive a Provisional Surviving Partner Pension.

If approved, the Provisional Surviving Partner Pension may be paid for up to 6 months while a Surviving Partner Application form is submitted and determined by the Commission.

Please refer to the following form for additional information. Form - Reversionary RBF Life Pensioner Partner Declaration Form.pdf

The Surviving Partner Application

The surviving partner application process is unchanged. On the death of a reversionary pensioner, a reversionary pensioner's partner must complete a Surviving Partner Application form and provide up-to-date and certified documentation. This application allows the Commission to determine whether they are the Surviving Partner and are eligible to receive the ongoing Surviving Partner Pension.

Please refer to the following form and informative application checklist. Form - Application to be determined as a surviving partner (pensions).pdf Fact Sheet - Reversionary Life Pension Surviving Partner Application Checklist.pdf

​​Important things to remember

  • If there is no Pro​visional Surviving Partner Declaration on file at the time of the reversionary pensioner's death, the reversionary pensioner's regular payment will cease.
  • Completing the Provisional Surviving Partner Declaration can assist with continuity of income for the potential surviving partner.
  • A joint bank account is a helpful piece of supporting documentation but does not guarantee payment under either the declaration or application.​

Staff at RBF are available to help with the completion of the forms and documentation required on making a declaration and following a member's death. They may also copy and certify documents.


You can attend one of our offices in Hobart and Launceston or call us on 1800 622 631 to book an appointment or email us at

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